Lauber Recruitment AG

Thomas Lauber


"My own career has given me a rich set of tools and experiences. 
These tools are essential for my work as HR professional. 
However, my values and basic attitudes are just as important to me."


My broad experience as former Head HR through to a personnel service provider allows me 
to work in a practical, needs- and solution-oriented manner.
I know the whole range of a targeted, effective and sustainable HR Life Cycle
which always focuses on people. In this way I accompany both sides in the recruitment process  - 
the company as well as the person applying.
My support goes beyond conventional recruitment: the matching of company and person
should still fit tomorrow and be capable of further development.


> 10 years
Head HR 
Public transport and industry

> 5 years 
HR Manager ad interim 
Energy sector, international finance
and industry

> 8 years
Senior Recruiter / Managing Director Personnel services

Council of Members 
CSS Health Insurance AG 

Management Consulting H5 AG 



MAS Human Resources 
Federal degree in HR


  • Strategic and conceptual 
    HR Management

  • Leadership and team development

  • Recruitment

  • Active Sourcing

  • Social Media Recruiting

  • Coaching

  • Moderation of large groups

  • Outplacement



  • Search

  • Recruiting

  • Head Hunting

  • Employer Branding

  • Onboarding


  • Assessment

  • Succession Planning

  • Personnel Development

  • Talent Management

  • Team Building

  • Leadership Development

HR Organisation

  • HR Models

  • HR Consulting

  • HR Life Cycle Management


  • Outplacement


  • Family

  • Economics, politics and history

  • To be out in the fresh air on the lake, at sea or in the mountains

  • Travel and discover the world

  • Culinary delights of all kinds

Values and basic attitudes.

Our values and basic attitudes give us orientation and a solid foundation.
They challenge us in our everyday actions. They stimulate us and help us 
to develop further, to be sustainable and successful.

Positive conception of man

The way we see other people is what shapes our relationships. I am convinced: There lies a lot of power and potential within meeting another person with honest appreciation on equal footing. By having confidence we help another person to bring her or his strengths to bear. By being sincerely approachable we are able to perceive each other with our strengths and weaknesses and give each other the opportunity to grow. This way we can achieve goals together, we would never have accomplished on our own.

Lifelong learning

For me, learning means: growing, developing yourself. Curiosity and openness let us opening up to new opportunities to learn, to inspiring encounters with people and valuable insights into other worlds. Ultimately to new experiences with ourselves. A healthy amount of self-criticism and the willingness to deal with unpleasant topics help us to stay on the path of lifelong learning. Such engagement gives us many enriching experiences.

Open feedback culture

A trusting cooperation enables us to achieve the most demanding goals. This requires that we give each other our trust, our recognition and our encouragement. That we can make mistakes and learn from them. The experience of a critical but benevolent discussion at eye level shows us: "I'm okay, even if something went wrong". Such experiences strengthen mutual trust and make the relationship sustainable. A nourishing climate like this allows us to use our development potential.